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Newspapers of New Zealand is a catalogue of all the newspapers that have been published in New Zealand since the New Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator in 1839.


Our definition of newspapers includes serial publications that are published in New Zealand for a general audience, and takes into account their frequency, appearance, and content. The Scope and Terminology page has more details."


The data in this website is based on a subset of the New Zealand National Bibliography. It was tidied up and annotated with references to online sources when possible (both manually and automatically) and published as the original Newspapers of New Zealand website until it was taken down after Google retired some programs in 2020.

The base data was from the Publications New Zealand Metadata Dataset created by the National Library of New Zealand and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

This website is based on data from Publications New Zealand, Papers Past, and individual contributions. It was developed by Gordon and Stella. Report issues to our GitHub project page.